Red Sun Revival

Red Sun Revival are a truly innovative alternative / "Gothic Rock" group from London, England.

Red Sun Revival

Red Sun Revival are a brill alternative/gothic rock band from London, England. They formed in 2011 and are signed to music label afmusic.

The Red Sun Revival line-up is singer/songwriter Rob Leydon (vocals & guitar), Matt Helm (guitar), Panos Theodoropoulos (bass), and Christina Emery (violin). You can read more about each of the members of Red Sun Revival by following their links in the main menu.

Red Sun Revival have a unique and exellent sound that is dramatic as well as featureing a taste of folk and decitedly cinimatic film score feel. In the album Running From The dawn (which reached number one in the European Alternative Charts) you will hear Rob's broading vocals backed by the intricate and sometimes complex guitar parts that might,in places be described as sparkly guitars. These playful sounds are mixed with solid yet varied bass lines and lively and somewhat orchestral violin harmonies that really set the music apart.

But don't take our word for it you can listen to Red Sun Revival with the video playlist above. As we add song profiles to the menu you can follow along with the lyrics and the playlist will skip to the track in question

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We listen for a still small voice in the silence on the earth

Red Sun Revival

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