Red Sun Revival

Red Sun Revival Live

One of the defining factors of a brill band is how they are live. In this Red Sun Revival do not disappoint.

Mistakes (live)

This recording was made made of Red Sun Revial playing in Athens, Greece at the begining of March 2014 at an event called Death Disco. The song is called Mistakes and it is one of the band's newer songs.

Turn it up nice and loud.

My Child (Live)

Sounding almost studio good Red Sun Revival performed My Child in 2013 at the Emergency Exit Festival.

Without You (Live)

Back in July of 2013 Red Sun REvival played in support of NFD at the O2 Academy Islington. Despite the tinny nature of the recording you can still hear the quality of the perfmance.

This is the song that RSR opened with which also happens to be one of my personal favourates.

We listen for a still small voice in the silence on the earth

Red Sun Revival

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